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Bon Jovi Wizard of Oz Shirt

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I have been trying to locate one of these. If anyone has any idea where I can locate one, plese let me know. I am willing to pay $400 for one in good shape and the right size. Thanks!

"This is a Tee Shirt from the "NEW JERSEY" Bon Jovi tour in 1989. It was given out in Australia during the shows t that year. Everyone had been out for a long time by then, and we were all very tired This was given out as a kind of joke shirt by the band. It went out only to the band and crew. The seller worked on this tour and got the shirt at that time."
Bon Jovi Wizard of Oz Shirt
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Re: Bon Jovi Wizard of Oz Shirt

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Bon Jovi Wizard of Oz Shirt

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