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70s Enjoy Cocaine

Post by maxvintage »

Was pretty pumped to find this at an antique store over the weekend. Couldn't find any records of a vintage one of these selling anywhere. Any guesses as to the value?


70s Enjoy Cocaine
enjoy-coc2.jpg (68.25 KiB) Viewed 3764 times
70s Enjoy Cocaine
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Re: 70s Enjoy Cocaine

Post by jimmyj »

Those are wicked. I've never kept an eye on what they sell though. But I'm pretty sure some rocker wore that t-shirt back in the day...can't remember who though.
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Re: 70s Enjoy Cocaine

Post by Fatandyz »

Loved these tees. I also like the Pepsi ones...one of my friends had a shirt that had Peyote written in the Pepsi font and logo.

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