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Adidas RUN DMC t-shirt price needed

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Front Adidas RUNDMC tee
Front Adidas RUNDMC tee
Hi, need some help with a t-shirt price, because I will sell some of my tee collection. I thought I sold this tee a few years ago. However, it was misplaced in a box of other things while moving. The tee was a birthday present from my best mate; I believed 18 years ago. I used to keep all the extra label tags, etc. because I remember this got quite a few.. The size is Large, and it is a very “large” and most probably been done over-sized by Adidas due to the hip-hop style, color is white (not been mis-colored) , no holes or any stains, the print is a bit faded from been washed. Logo backside. It was bought new from a well-known street/skate store in Oslo, Europe. Thanks for any help. Kenkid
Adidas RUN DMC t-shirt  price needed
Adidas RUNDMC tee logo back neck
Adidas RUNDMC tee logo back neck
Adidas RUNDMC tee back
Adidas RUNDMC tee back

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Re: Adidas RUN DMC t-shirt price needed


It's modern and not worth much, 2004.
Have vintage Elvis tees? Let me know!

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