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Detroit Tigers 1984 World Series Bound

Post by KaliMarie »

I am a second hand fanatic. I was at a garage sale and saw this gem. 1984 Detroit Tigers World Series Bound. It is the white tag 50/50 screen star size small. First thing I asked her when seeing how amazing the screen print was and it being like new condition..."is this a print/replica" she told me no..that it was her sisters that she bought over 20 years ago and she was a very big gal..and she said "no worries, it hasn't been worn before" (haha never an issue, she was such a kind lady) If you have any information on this tee..I don't want to sell it, I am definitely going to wear it 3x a week! But just for knowledge anyhow if anyone has any idea of the rough value to vintage tee collectors I would love to be educated with any feedback. Don't mind the hat..this was just a picture I sent to a friend of my favorite finds this weekend(vintage trucker tigers cap)
Detroit Tigers 1984 World Series Bound
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Re: Detroit Tigers 1984 World Series Bound

Post by jimmyj »

Nice! These types of tees are always highest in value when its baseball season and the team is doing well. The closer they are to clinching something the higher it goes. If they win...that will boost it all the way until Xmas.

On the flipside...if they aren't doing well....or itswhat off season...interest wains...Im not sure how the Tigers are doing....but thats your best strategy if you want to sell it.

Depending on the climate of the team could go from $20-$100.
Jimmy J

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