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Funny 1988 election shirt

Post by tendodojoman »

Haha I love this goofy Screen Stars shirt, any idea what it is worth?
decockis and bush presidential rude shirt

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Re: Funny 1988 election shirt

Post by jimmyj » stoopid. toughie to price. there is a market for old poli tees but usually a single candidate. not a tee a lot of people would want to wear. id price it at 50 with offers and see what rolled in.
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Re: Funny 1988 election shirt

Post by FiftyFiftyMan »

I have a few poli novelty tees like this, though not as crude. As Jimmy said, they're tough to price and sell. If it had been put out by a competing 3rd party candidate (i.e. Ralph Nader), it's controversial nature would give it lasting interest for political junkies. This was likely put out by someone with a dumb idea and a t-shirt printing press. It's only redeeming value is rarity, and possibly age. Though as with anything, unless someone else besides you wants it, it's worthless. I've learned that lesson well. You never know unless you list it somewhere. Good luck.

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