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Post by amyschaal »

I am a newbie and I have tried to research some of these t-shirts, but have not been able to find them. I would deeply appreciate any advice. Also, if a t-shirt doesn't have a tag, how should it be listed in terms of conditions?

Vasser Clements '79 Tour: 3/4 sleeves, great condition, no holes, not too thin. I have attached a picture of the tag and the front logo.

Who's Who in Packerland '78: There are a couple of minor stains on the front, also, it fits like the tag should actually be in the front. There are no holes.

YES '79 Tour: There are some minor holes.

Ladies Sewing Circle: It has 1977 listed on the logo, but, the tag looks 80's.
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Vasser Tag
Vasser Tag
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Vasser Front
Vasser Front
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Re: Help!

Post by jimmyj »

Welcome Amy!

It's possible the sewing t-shirt is 79 - not sure when Jerzees originated, but many copyrights are just on the design, and are printed for years following.

That's a neat shirt though for someone with a sense of humor. Could see it at $30-50

The Yes tee - ebay's most expensive is $300 - yours is cool - but at that price you'll be sitting on it for a while, like all the other eBay tees.

Some football tees can get a premium...but typically in football season when the team is in the playoffs.....so I would price that to sell or wait until next season and hope for a superbowl appearance.

Vassar - super obscure music tee - he does have some action with his closing auctions on eBay. $500 is a little high for someone who's a fan of his - but it's also the only one out there so you never know. Just sit on it for a bit and lower if it doesn't move.

Hope that helps,
Jimmy J

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