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Killing Joke - mid 1980's

Post by Used2Know »

Another T-shirt I bought when I was in HS in the 80's. It's probably 1987 or 1988, I believe from seeing them live. I remember only really liking their "80's" song and waiting for it the whole show.
Unfortunately, I tore out the tag cuz it was scratchy.
Except for a small stain on the bottom hem, it's pretty close to perfect tho - no holes and comfortably thin now from me wearing it so much. I know the missing tag doesn't help its value (I honestly wasn't thinking I'd be trying to sell my t-shirts 30 years later) but what do you think I could get for it? I know it's true vintage, since I'm the only one who has ever owned it, if that helps (does it?).
OK, Thanks!
Killing Joke - mid 1980's
Killing Joke - mid 1980's
Killing Joke - mid 1980's
Killing Joke - mid 1980's
Killing Joke - mid 1980's

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Re: Killing Joke - mid 1980's

Post by jimmyj »

I'd price it at $200 with offers and be patient. Might get $100+ out of it based on what has sold previously. But the design I haven't seen before - might be more rare.
Jimmy J

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