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Led Zeppelin 1979 knebworth t shirts

Post by Judyclu »

Hi can anyone help? We have 2 original knebworth ts that were bought by me at concert and have been in the cupboard for 30 odd yrs. both size L one has been washed once after being worn at the gig the other has never been worn. Both have some tiny marks as they've not been looked after. No idea where to sell or how to price. Looked all over net and nothing like them is listed. Can't seem to post an image sorry. Can anyone advise me? Thanks
( no idea why photo won't upload? Can administration help with that query ?)
Led Zeppelin 1979 knebworth t shirts
Led Zeppelin 1979 knebworth t shirts

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Re: Led Zeppelin 1979 knebworth t shirts

Post by FiftyFiftyMan »

I would list on Ebay, but you could also list it on Defunkd. Jimmy could give you a better idea of value than myself.

BTW, I thought I'd do a search myself and came across these interesting threads. The first is someone asking about the value of his Knebworth Backstage pass shirt (he was even offered $9.95)....

http://forums.ledzeppelin.com/index.php ... -for-sale/

The second thread I assume was referring to the same shirt. And the rest is t-shirt history. (Defunkd even made a cameo here as the resident expert)

http://www.ebay.com/blogs/stories/rares ... in-t-shirt


Needless to say, your Knebworth shirts should do very well.

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Re: Led Zeppelin 1979 knebworth t shirts

Post by angharadv »

Hi Judy, do you still have these t shirts?

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