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Nike Sumo Repro

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This is my first posting on the site. I am new to the t-shirt game. I have been wrong about every shirt I thought had some good value. With that being said, I have a few shirts I am wondering about, and will post them individually starting with this Sumo Repro. I found this my second day of hunting. I actually thought this was the real deal, and even put it on ebay as such. Somebody thankfully alerted me that it was the reproduction. I gave him a hard time, but he saved me from damaging my selling reputation right off the bat. So thanks to him.

I have read your previous material on this particular shirt. I am wondering where the value is today. I did receive a hundred dollar offer. I did not accept. I do not know if the person who offered was aware that it was not the original, or if he felt the repro was worth $100. The tag was clearly shown.

I am going to put it on ebay. What advice might you have as far as format, price, starting bid, etc…?

It is new with no tags, and has 2 small spots from being stored poorly. This bodes the question: Does a new shirt remain a new shirt if it is washed or dry cleaned?
Chest 20” pit to pit. Length 27” neck/shoulder seam to bottom. Size M

Thank you
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Re: Nike Sumo Repro

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I sold one once - I think I got $50 for it. The reissues have value too I think they were somewhat limited in numbers. If it is brand spanking new I would just leave it as is and decribe it as such with a few marks.

Im glad you took the advice. Ive reached out to some sellers making similar vintage mistakes and they usually turn nasty on me and leave the listing as is.
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Re: Nike Sumo Repro

Post by perotto »

Thank you!

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