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rare?? help with 1970's quicksilver t-shirt

Post by cmjordan77 »

I think I found a 1970's quicksilver t-shirt.
I cannot find any information on vintage quick silver t shirts. can anyone help? maybe a thought to value. I think I'm going to keep it but I was curious. the tag says
Sport T by Steadman. it has quicksilver MX on the front with a guy flying some sort of aircraft
its a size XL
thank you for any info

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Re: rare?? help with 1970's quicksilver t-shirt

Post by jimmyj »

He's flying a quicksilver MX a type of light aircraft. No relation to the surf brand Quiksilver (without a c.)

Its still a cool tee and perhaps value to an aviation enthusiast.
Jimmy J

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Re: rare?? help with 1970's quicksilver t-shirt

Post by FiftyFiftyMan »

It being a vintage aviation related shirt makes it much more collectible, with potentially higher upside, than a more common Quiksilver surfing shirt. Just a little research shows that the MX was THE groundbreaking ultralight vehicle which moved the craft beyond being a simple hang glider. If you do sell, the key is finding the right buyer who really wants this. Thus keywords are critical (hang gliding, ultralight vehicle). Aviation types (like railroad buffs) can be quite hardcore. This is one that I assume some would love to show off. The color isn't the ideal for most t-shirt collectors, but given the likely rarity, it may not matter.

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