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Vintage Sergeant Preston of the Yukon T-shirt

Post by nyczoo »

Hello. This is a kids sized shirt from the 1950s or 60's I think. Any ideas as to value. I understand that it is on the rare side.
Vintage Sergeant Preston of the Yukon T-shirt

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Re: Vintage Sergeant Preston of the Yukon T-shirt

Post by jimmyj »

Very cool piece. I dug around with the value of Sgt Preston stuff in general. Some of the original art from the comics and the cards do really well. There could be a base of collectors that want to get their hands on this. Or not, sometimes collectors aren't interested in t-shirt representation of their interest - Star Wars was like this for years, the shirts were largely ignored for a long time.

There also seems to be some sgt p stuff in past sales of eBay that didn't fetch much.

But I still think it might be worth running an eBay auction to see if the SP collectors will bite.

And if they don't - there are t-shirt collectors who collect all things Americana (Canadiana? since it's a mountie, but it was still an American production) and tees from the 50s and 60s are of interest to them, even if a child's shirt, and in this case, could probably get $200ish for it.

The best-case scenario would be t-shirt collectors and SP collectors competing for it. :shock: :o

Let us know how it turns out.
Jimmy J

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