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Vintage Led Zeppelin ??

Post by Fallen_Angel »

Hi all. I was given to me a t'shirt that I believe would be from roughly 30-40 years ago. The t'shirt is grey with "Led Zeppelin" in greenish blue and yellow above 4 pictures of each member of the band. The pictures are white bordered in green/blue with the band members logo above each picture in yellow. I have tried to do research but cant seem to find another tee shirt like it anywhere. Thank You in advance
Vintage Led Zeppelin ??
zep2.jpg (313.47 KiB) Viewed 3286 times
Vintage Led Zeppelin ??
zep.jpg (326.38 KiB) Viewed 3286 times

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Re: Vintage Led Zeppelin ??

Post by FiftyFiftyMan »

We probably need a photo of the tag to get a better idea of the age of the shirt. From the photo, the tag looks glossy, which leads me to think it's a more modern babydoll (i.e. women's) shirt. That's just a guess.

FYI, from my experience, if it's not a standard men's or unisex tee, it limits it's resale value, no matter it's age. So if it's a modern Zeppelin babydoll, you'll be lucky to give it away. I'm 0 for my life selling modern used babydolls. I don't touch them. Women are pickier than men lol

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Re: Vintage Led Zeppelin ??

Post by matmin »

looks like 70's/early 80's European made t-shirt

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