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vintage Michael Jackson t-shirt?

Post by hokeypix »

I'm unpacking a bin of tees I've collected over the years, so apologies in advance for the slew of posts coming up! :)

Some are total mysteries to me, such as this Michael Jackson t-shirt. The color/graphics (and his face/afro) have a 70s look, but when do you suppose the shirt is from? I did a thorough search on this site (as well as google, etc.) and couldn't find another one.

Tag doesn't look very old however - Hanes HEAVYWEIGHT. Thanks as always for any info on the shirt, era, and value.
vintage Michael Jackson t-shirt?
vintage Michael Jackson t-shirt?

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Re: vintage Michael Jackson t-shirt?

Post by jimmyj »

I've been thrown off by double tags lately as more and more appear to be from the mid-late 90s. But this seems 2000+ repro era.
Jimmy J

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