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Vintage PacMan T-Shirt?

Post by pasha1 »

Scored this PacMan Tee a couple days ago, was wondering it's age, origin and of course it's value. Tag was removed and the size i'm pretty sure is a Medium. Thanx.
Vintage PacMan T-Shirt?
DSC00756.JPG (143.82 KiB) Viewed 4045 times
This is the best color shot.
This is the best color shot.
DSC00757.JPG (126.07 KiB) Viewed 4045 times
Vintage PacMan T-Shirt?
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Re: Vintage PacMan T-Shirt?

Post by oscar »

A Pac Man ringer sold on ebay last week for 69.00. But it was a cooler design, IMHO. And it had a copyright date on it. I have one in my shop right now for 45 bucks.If I had that and could confirm its age I would probably ask 25 or 30 bucks.

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Re: Vintage PacMan T-Shirt?

Post by jimmyj »

Pac Man is one of those designs that have been abused by every retro t-shirt maker. And that color scheme is pretty crazy - like someone set out to make it overly 80s-esque. Nicely faded graphics or a manufactured fade? Hard to say.

If it is old, it's a little more rare because I've never seen it before. Usually the ones I haven't seen before turn out to be Junk Food style stuff.

What is the pit to pit on it?

Ringers took a big hit years ago - they need to be revived! But this particular ringer might not get a lot of bites.
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Re: Vintage PacMan T-Shirt?

Post by Frank »


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