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Zig Zag rolling papers tee

Post by bodhi »

Hey guys, recently picked this up and was curious what the forum thought it might go for. Not many of these listed currently, and none just like this so it's hard to gauge. I'm guessing 70's or early 80's era, Stedman label. Thanks for any input! ... 250wt_1165

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Re: Zig Zag rolling papers tee

Post by VintageManiac »

Yes, late 70's or very very early 80's. I've got mostly late 70's Sports T shirts. Nice shirt!

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Re: Zig Zag rolling papers tee

Post by Johnny65 »

The Sport-T Stedman tag is definitely late 70's but unfortunately the yellow & white jersey/t-shirt combined with the iron-on Zig-Zag graphic places the value at not much more than $25 IMO.
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