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Chevrolet 1956 jacket

Post by PreserveVintage »

There's no main tag on this jacket, and the only tag I can find is a lower tag with washing instructions. So, I'm wondering if this jacket is most likely from 1956, or if it's from some time more recent, and what do you think it's worth? Thanks in advance!
Chevrolet 1956 jacket
Chevrolet 1956 jacket
Chevrolet 1956 jacket

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Re: Chevrolet 1956 jacket

Post by jimmyj »

Nice one! I think the 56 chevy became an instant classic - so perhaps 60s? Nice little Talon zip.

I do pretty well with patch jackets. Mine are usually the racing stripe nylon ones but they all usually sell well. It also depends on how common that patch is...the patch alone will make or break the value...if theres lots floating around eBay...wont sell as well - as Im not sure how popular that type of jacket is with car enthusiasts.
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