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Brian has been collecting shirts for 15 years (plus sneakers, vinyl, ... but mainly shirts). He started going to shows in the mid 90s and quickly got hooked on crucial gear. Blame it on Bane or In My Eyes. He's still in a debate with Dalbec on who has the better Bane collection. As far as blog content, you can expect to see lots of weirdo late 90s tees and lots of newer, more recent merch from Brian.

Crucial Lawn Work Shirt

I’ll never forget Brett Beach talking about mowing the lawn in his Schism tees. OG, of course. It would blow my mind every time. Then I picture kids in 20 years thinking the same thing about me mowing the lawn in a Lockin Out tee. Not sure mental-x-edge has the same mental image. I don’t… Continue reading ».

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LOST PHOTOS page id 128

When TTD set up at United Blood, we lucked out. We ended up sitting with Triple B Records and all in merch for even more designs. Solid stuff!

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Another Busted X-Rated Swatch

Wait, did you think I meant an ACTUAL busted x-rated? I thought that was pretty funny. I think Morgado would be proud. No worries, you are in luck. the other day. The second hand is stuck. I’m guessing it’s loose and stuck at 6 — I’ve seen that happen before. Bummer.

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Stick Together – No More Games

Somehow, I didn’t catch Stick Together on this winter tour. No idea how I missed out… Actually, I saw them in February, but they didn’t have these shirts anymore. Pretty sure the Winter Tour was just through the end of December, part of January. Ah diss. The show I saw them at was pretty intense… Continue reading ».

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