Into Another shirt

I’m not too certain where in the Into Another shirtography this one lands, but seller koko-b-docks has it listed as *RARE*. Murphy is already gonna hate this one for being blue, but as illustrated in the pictures, certain light can make it look purple. I have to wonder if INto ANother ever made shirts smaller than a large? I have seenn mostly XL’s and GIANT larges. I guess that’s a casualty of the giant pants era.

Vintage Into Another shirt tee

Vintage Into Another shirt tee

Vintage Into Another shirt tee

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  1. XbsX says:

    You also have to keep in mine that IA were essentially hippies and along with hippiedome goes big baggy clothing because no one wants to feel confined when stoned. FREEDOM MAN!

  2. Jake says:

    I believe it’s their second shirt, after the logo/icon one that Revelation sold back then. I got it from a show in 1992 I think. Tre has one too.


  3. I have a sized sleeveless version of this. Love it.

  4. koko-b-docks says:

    Oddly enough Jake…I got this one from Kurt. Traded it straight up for a Guilt T several years back.

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