Unit Pride Kelly Green shirt

Every so often an odd colored version of your favorite shirt comes across the wire. Here we have a kelly green version of the Unit Pride Holding on Strong shirt. The backstory as stated in the auction, is that this shirt was thrown in the mix when the original batch of these were made.  It would help this auction greatly if there were a name of the original owner stated for credibility.

Vintage Unit Pride Kelly Green shirt tee

Vintage Unit Pride Kelly Green shirt tee

Ok, let’s put this out in the open. DO NOT TAILOR OLD HARDCORE SHIRTS. Would you buy a painting and cut it in half to fit a frame you already have? I thought not. I am curious to see what this one will go for.

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Bad Brains – Supreme Collaboration

In the past few years, The Bad Brains have been striking hard on the merch scene. They’ve pumped out plenty of tees to Hot Topic and your local mall. And they’ve also worked with some of the biggest names in the industry. Everyone from Vans to Supreme. And not just once with Vans, but OVER and OVER again. From hemp chukkas to capital building lighting strike Sk8 His.

Then there is Supreme. While no one can disparage the mightiness that is the Bad Brains, this tee pretty much falls flat. Real fucking flat.

Vintage Bad Brains – Supreme Collaboration tee

Vintage Bad Brains – Supreme Collaboration tee

I’m not sure how many of you have seen the Pay To Cum EP picture sleeve, but the front side of that tee is a super bootleg version of it. It’s like Supreme grabbed a third generation photocopied Pay To Cum sleeve, blew it up, saved it at 60 DPI and just said PRINT. Ugh. Why bother? It looks terrible. And then to have the gall to charge $40 retail (at the very least, I’m sure). Wow. It blows my mind.

They’d be better off blasting that PMA text real big. That’d get my attention and probably a few sheckles too.

The moral of this story: don’t half ass anything related to the Bad Brains. It just makes you look weak.

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Edge Day 2008 – I [moshman] FP

2008 wasn’t the best year for straight edge hardcore.  A lot of popular bands suddenly became populated by edgebreakers: Verse, I Rise, … so many more.  In the midst of all this edgebreaking, a few shining examples remained.  And those shone through.  One individual, someone who hasn’t been associated with a band since the mighty Crunch Time (of Lockin Out Records fame) stands out.  Head and shoulders above the rest of the crowd. If I told you his name, you probably wouldn’t recognize it. Which is shame on you. This dude is through and through straight edge hardcore.

In fact, this young man is so dedicated to the core, that he blessed the world with his only son. Instead of a child, he put together an amazing tshirt. He then FREELY gave the shirt away at Edge Day 2008 in Haverhill MA to ANY person who was X’ed up. That’s right. I think he produced 4-6 dozen shirts and GAVE them away. He made ZERO dollars off the whole thing. Count yourself lucky if you received one from this fine fellow.  Shame on this fellow for selling this tee.  I suggest he give it away to a fine, young upstanding edgeman.  It’d up your edge karma.

Vintage Edge Day 2008 – I [moshman] FP tee

Vintage Edge Day 2008 – I [moshman] FP tee

Classic looking tee.  It looks vaguely similar to an “I <3 NY” shirt, but think how much cooler this one is.  First off, it’s a tribute to Floorpunch.  In fact, it’s all about loving Floorpunch.  I once claimed you couldn’t be straight edge if you didn’t like Floorpunch.  I stand by this statement.  The back has a dope classic font.  I’m a big fan.

Edge Day 2008

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