This shirt can suck it!

This shirt sucks. The seller states the following

“Size XL. This is a very old judge shirt. The shirt and print are both in very good condition. Zero holes or stains. I thought this was a bootleg until recently. A t shirt blog posted about one exactly like it. Apparently it was printed by the Rev in the early 90s. This is what I gathered from it…

“Most people don’t know this rare gem exist as there were less than a dozen made by the man himself, Jordon Cooper from Revelation. Jordan made these for fun at the same time he was doing the small run of Chung King records. This was his shirt in which he passed to me many moons ago from a trade we did in 94′. This shirt is a template of all that’s left unless (unless what?- ed.). This is a Signal brand tee original that was made over 22 years ago. The print on the shirt is a puffy print, which is really awesome as it has last for a long time and has very little cracks…So in a way, this is an early Revelations Records holy grail from the classic era. Who knows the value of this rare gem as it has never been sold before from what I can recall”

I’m guessing we are the blog, but what’s not mentioned is that the shirt he talks about is this one
Vintage This shirt can suck it! tee
and the shirt he is selling is this one
Vintage This shirt can suck it! tee

Vintage This shirt can suck it! tee
The black shirt ended up selling for $350, and I hope that this one sells for $3.50. I don’t think the seller is trying to cheat anyone, but maybe is a bit confused. That’s what we are here for. Sometimes.Check out atlxlifer‘s other auctions for some cool stuff other than this!

Vintage This shirt can suck it! tee

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  1. nick says:

    He’s not confused. He didn’t mention you guys cause he didn’t want you to search teetilldeath inside auctions, find it and post it on here calling him out. Everyone knows that if you mention TTD in your auction, and you have something good, you have a good chance of getting written up.

    p.s. shirt label is turned up.

  2. HANK says:

    I posted the shirt. I didnt mean to flip the tag up, ill post a picture with the tag. I didnt post the name of the blog because I didn’t think it was appropriate. Not trying to cheat anyone. I had remembered seeing one a while back and I figured mine was similar so i posted it.

  3. HANK says:

    Edited the description to be more fitting to the tshirt I am selling :)

  4. adam says:

    those judge shirts were booted/reprinted by someone in CT in the 90’s,… i had 3 of them in various dif colors.

    i guess mike hartsfield selling it gives it that much more $$

  5. HANK says:

    Damn! word

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