Defunkd Guarantee

"Vintage" is a term that we don't take lightly. Our shops only feature tees that have been aged no less than 15 years.

Our shop keepers are trusted t-shirt aficionados who only offer true vintage garments for sale. No repros or knockoffs are permitted.

Should you have an issue with any tee you purchase on Defunkd please contact me directly and I'll make things right!


Jimmy J


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Simply put it's a platform for fans of old t-shirts who respect the term vintage as more than just a marketing buzzword. Our pages exclusively feature tees that have been aged to perfection, a minimum of 15 years. The members of our Collective covet these eco-friendly tshirts as indisposable snapshots of popular culture. As a result we have a strict policy against "vintage"-esque reproductions and those made by modern-day bootleggers. Our mission is to connect you to the world's most trusted purveyors to facilitate the trade of this wearable collectable.


Take a voyeuristic approach and browse our informative blog or become an ally in authenticity by registering in our forum and connecting with other collectors. If you've got some relics of your own that you'd like to show off - use the "show" tab and share them with the world. And If you're interested in joining the Collective as a seller, please submit an application located under the "sell" tab.


When your torso needs a real vintage t-shirt, Defunkd has your back.