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Pushead Has Bones to Pick

Essential Selection

Pushead Has Bones to Pick

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In this section, we highlight the vintage shirts you simply must have in your poly-cotton arsenal. Some are hot commodities while others are speculation on a future trend.

vintage pushead t-shirt

pumpkinHalloween Selection: vintage Pushead t-shirt

Demand: Medium-High

Price: $20-$200

Info: In the 1980s, Pushead (aka Brian Schroeder) rose to fame for for two types of artistry, both of the hardcore persuasion. A skull-obsessed artist who was the cornerstone of Metallica’s branding, he also designed skateboards for Zorlac, and imagery for Thrasher magazine. During this time he moonlighted as the frontman for a punk band called Septic Death too.

hotHOT: The most expensive vintage Metallica tees are Pushead designs; and they’re going to run you quite a few bones. If you’re really looking to shell out some loot, try to find an original Septic Death shirt. They’re super rare, so you’ll probably end up looking like one of Pushead’s designs before you get your hands on one.

BUY LOW: In the early 1990s Pushead created artwork for Rush’s “Roll The Bones” album and subsequent tour. All bones aside, this combination made for quite the odd couple. Rush was trying to harden their soft, high-pitched, prog-rock image and Pushead wanted more than Metallica in his portfolio, since they’d worked him to death the previous decade. The strange pairing makes this tee all the more cool.

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