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Vintage T-Shirt Tag Date Guide: The Cheatsheet

Vintage T-Shirt Tag Dating Guide


Vintage T-Shirt Tag Date Guide: The Cheatsheet

We rounded up all of the tag date guides created by Defunkd writer Brad S. aka spelloutdye, and put them all in one convenient place. If you have one to contribute, please get in touch with us.

Click on any of these links to jump to your desired tag:

AlstyleAnvilChedDeltaFruit of the LoomGiantGildanHanesJerzeesOneitaScreen StarsSignalStedman and Hi CruTennessee RiverWild OatsWinterland

Alstyle Apparel & Activewear T-Shirt Tags 1995-2006

AAA,100% cotton pre-shrunk, made in mexico from U.S. Fabric, gaziani

More authentic AAA tags.

Anvil T-Shirt Tags 1989-2007

pre-shrunk, 100% cotton, made in usa, giant by anvil, earth collection, authentic pigment

anvil blue bar, red bar, double tags

More authentic Anvil tags and Anvil history.

Ched and Anvil T-Shirt Tags 1976-1988

ched quality knits, anvil athletic, ched by anvil, anvil brand, value t

More authentic Ched tags.

Delta T-Shirt Tags 1988-2004

delta apparel, fifty-fifty, cotton, made in usa, pro-weights, double tag, magnum weight, assembled in honduras

More authentic Delta Tags.

Fruit of the Loom 1992-1998

best, double tag, lofteez, heavy cotton, double tags

More authentic Fruit of the Loom tags.

Giant T-Shirt Tags 1991-1996

giant by tees jays, by anvil, by tultex, made in el salvador, time warner, IFC

More authentic Giant tags and history.

Gildan T-Shirt Tags 1995-2002

gildan heavy weight, ultra cotton, heavy weight cotton, double tags

More authentic Gildan tags.

Hanes T-Shirt Tags 1989-1997

hanes fifty-fifty, 100% cotton, ultraweight, beefy-t, heavyweight, double tags made in USA

More authentic Hanes tags.

Jerzees T-Shirt Tags 1985-1998

jerzees by russell, super-t, 100% combed cotton, pre-shrunk, high cotton, activewear

More authentic Jerzees tags.

Oneita T-Shirt Tags 1984-1999

power-t, 100% cotton, 50/50, power/50, powerpro, atlanta 1996, colorwear, made in mexico

More authentic Oneita tags.

Screen Stars T-Shirt Tags 1980-1994

screen stars, super screen stars, green bar, red bar, screen stars best, screen stars by FOTL

More authentic Screen Stars tags and full 1980s tag guide.

Signal T-Shirt Tags 1977-1994

signal 100% cotton, sports, SSI, Signal Artwear, Signal Sport

More authentic Signal tags.

Stedman & Hi Cru T-Shirt Tags 1971-1997

Hi cru by stedman, sport-t by stedman, golden high-cru, made in usa, super hi-cru, super 50, stedman by hanes

More authentic Stedman tags.

Tennessee River T-Shirt Tags 1984-2010

captain'st's, gold, double tags, assembled in mexico

More authentic Tennessee River tags and history.

Wild Oats T-Shirt Tags 1984-1997

wild oats, made in usa, touch tone, 100% oats

More authentic Wild Oats tags and history.

Winterland T-Shirt Tags 1982-2008

winterland productions, jackie harris, marilyn manson, classic rock, junk food

More authentic Winterland tags and history.

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