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Nike Air Tailwind OG versus Retro

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Nike Air Tailwind OG versus Retro

The tailwind in the OG red and white and purple and white released a few months ago, and apparently, they did well in the stores and the sneaker fanatics were satisfied with the result although Nike did change some things on their retro’s (notice in the pictures the changes they made in the colors)

AMCH15 from Sneakerplay made some comparison pictures between his vintage Nike Tailwinds and the retro in the white purple black colorway…the OGs are a bit yellowed, but nevertheless it gives us a good idea of how close (or far) nike was with retro compared with the OGs….

like always: you’ll be the judge

thanks again AMCH15 for the pictures.
If other readers can provide good comparison pictures of original releases with retro releases, don’t hesitate to contact me!

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