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Bad Otis Link Part 8: Links

Bad Otis Link

Bad Otis Link Part 8: Links

Interview with Greg Link aka Bad Otis Link continued from part 7.

Mouse + the Dead, Pushead + Metallica, Bad Otis + ?

I don’t know if that one really applies to me. I did the artwork for so many different bands but never always one. I did a lot for the Chili Peppers from the beginning and the ten years that followed. But others did too, so it wasn’t an exclusive thing. I just printed it all. I was the default artist in a sense. The band would put stuff off and at the last minute would just say, “do something”. They knew my designs always sold well, even if they were not 100% happy with them. The bands’ record companies came to me for the same reasons for promo shirts, giveaways, etc.

But the bands would always have ideas too and they had their own art too a lot of times. I would just print and supply them in many cases. I didn’t do art for all of the bands I worked with. It would have been impossible. For some bands, my art fit, for others I hooked up friends. Scott Angle, my old friend, did the “TSOL” burning Statue of Liberty design, “Circle Jerks” Long Horn Tour, and tons of others. I printed a lot of Shawn Keris art, Mad Marc Rude, and others. It was pretty cool working with other artists too.

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