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This is Sad...

Post by maxvintage »

A few nights ago a shirt I was watching mysteriously disappeared from ebay. I wrote the seller and asked about what happened.

Here's the response:

OK... Here goes. I listed this shirt and within 1 day I had several emails asking about a Buy It Now price. They started at 50 bucks and ended up at 750 dollars. Mostly people trying to steal it. I ended up telling everyone to bid. (except for one person who refused my price). I really do not have time or patience to mess with everyone over a buy it now price. I knew from the emails there would be bids. Then a couple of days before the auction ended I had a person asking for more pics. They supplied me with a cell # and asked for some pics of the holes in the shirt via text message. So I took more pics and sent them via text message.(At this time I had no idea you could now EDIT a ad, and add more pics). My mistake. Well... This customer offered 750 bucks for the shirt to end the auction. I refused. I told them to bid. They totally got pissed off at me for not accepting there offer. I thought nothing more of it and went on my way. Then the text messages started flying. Bottom line, They were going to bid(but I had no clue who they were) and they WOULD be the high bidder. They would pay for the shirt and file a claim with Ebay that it was misrepresented in the ad. That the damage was severe, should have been better pics, blah blah blah. So... I got to looking at the ad and I thought it was great but what would Ebay think if this did happen. Whose side would they take? So I deleted the listing. At this point I'm pissed off and can't believe this is happening over a stupid shirt. I deleted the listing and hung the shirt in my closet. I dont need the grief or money that bad. Will I relist it??? Maybe. Will I take better pictures??? Yes indeed. I will need to make sure it is perfect before relisting it. If this pisses anyone off, so be it. I'm pissed off too...........

Kind of ridiculous.....sad to see this happening to folks getting rid of their old shirts.

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Re: This is Sad...

Post by jimmyj »

Gross. I wonder who this was? :(
Jimmy J

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Re: This is Sad...

Post by mrs_stout »

That's crazy. But eBay facilitates this kind of scamming and the discussion boards are rampant with stories of this kind. I've been lucky so far, but I KNOW my number will come up at some point.

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Re: This is Sad...

Post by Johnny65 »

Sorry to hear about your experience Max.

Seems like there's always someone out there effing things up for everyone else.

If it were me I'd tuck that tee back into my collection for another year or so until the jerk who caused you so much grief disappears back into the shadows where they came from.

An honest lover of all things vintage and cool would never try to pull that kind of crap. It's just someone who's jumped on the "vintage" bandwagon trying to make some money. Probably already had a buyer lined up who was going to pay twice what he was offering you.

True vintage collectors have too much passion and love for our beloved t-shirts. Hold on to the tee for now where it's safe and appreciated.

Stay cool Max 8-)
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Re: This is Sad...

Post by FiftyFiftyMan »

Sorry to hear your story. But Ebay does allow you to block bidders. I've got at least 5-6 on my blocked list. Just block him & relist. And make it clear in your next auction that all Buy it Now requests will be ignored.

Good luck.

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Re: This is Sad...

Post by jorgea »

This is an experience to grow from. Better luck next time

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