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1994 Pink Floyd Division Bell European Tour T shirt

Post by Laney1994 »

1994 Pink Floyd Division Bell European Tour T shirt
My college roommate, whose dad was a roadie on the european leg of this Pink Floyd tour, gave me this shirt and I can't find it anyway on the internet so I was curious about its worth. It's a grey long sleeve xl tee and also has a hood. The Division Bell logo and Pink Floyd's are in the top left of the shirt. I'm not sure if this shirt was fan merchandise or only provided to tour employees, and if its the latter whether that would make it more rare or valuable? I don't think I'm interested in selling it regardless but I'd like to know more about it!

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Re: 1994 Pink Floyd Division Bell European Tour T shirt

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cool piece. Im not sure either as Ive never stumbled across one. Typically fans want tees not hoodies. The subtle one breast branding isnt always best for value either. Division bell stuff has startes to come around in value...but the Main value here would be in the rarity of it - to a serious floyd collector. Id price 2 to 3 hundred but with offers and be open to accepting less.
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