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Vintage Pink Floyd Shirt

Post by lostinmyimagination »

Came across this Old Pink floyd shirt that that has a rubbery image on the front and back and the label is half cut, but the manufacturer is clear as Fantasy A&G, inc.

I am an avid garager (idk I go to alot of garage sales to look for tools and stuff for the house and get alot of amusement from them) out of Id say 1000 garage sales I finally bought a second item of clothing, first being brand new carhart overalls for $2. I always look over the clothes and pay them no attention, but this shirt caught my eye and I thought it was awesome so I bought it and it has been sitting in the backseat of my truck for a year.

I imagine it is worth something, finding images for it has been a mission.

some small stains on the shoulder, maybe soda drops, not sure if from me or was on there already. looks like they could wash out?
Vintage Pink Floyd Shirt
Vintage Pink Floyd Shirt
Vintage Pink Floyd Shirt
Vintage Pink Floyd Shirt

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Re: Vintage Pink Floyd Shirt

Post by jimmyj »

sweet bootleg! probably get $100 to $200 for it with a little patience. keep checking those racks!
Jimmy J

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