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Is this brockum tag legit ?

Post by JackAsap »

It’s on a offspring bite me shirt with no back hit
Is this brockum tag legit ?

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Re: Is this brockum tag legit ?

Post by jimmyj »

So, this is tough to tell from the photo. If your concern is the sewn-in tag, there are legit reasons for that.

That said, because there are legit reasons for it, counterfeiters will exploit it.

From what I can tell it looks to be a legit tag - but I don't have a clear view of it. There are fake brockum tags:

https://www.defunkd.com/authenticate-vi ... shirt-tag/

(The above link also has examples of sewn-in Giant tags.

You could ask the vendor for a better shot of the tag.

In situations like and in most authentication situations, it's just easier to analyze the print. Find a known original and compare the images side by side.
Jimmy J

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