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Shart Shirt Frame -

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The moderator gave approval for this message because he thought our product was a good fit for the Defunkd community and might help users display their t-shirts., an Ecommerce website has officially been launched.

The Shart brand shirt frame is the best designed, highest quality, simplest shirt framing system available in the Universe.

Shart makes framing a shirt easy and can help you have your tee shirt framed in 30 seconds or less.

We build the highest quality frames and couple them with our patent pending, engineer-designed foam insert to create the best t shirt frame that can be made.

Shart makes a great gift and conversation piece for family and friends and a wonderful centerpiece for your game room, family room, man cave, kid’s bedroom, gym or bar.

The Shart shirt display frame will show off your concert t-shirts, pro and college sports team shirts, youth sports jerseys, school shirts, special event shirts, vacation shirts, funny shirts and more.

You won’t have to cut or destroy your shirt with scissors or pins and you’ll save money by not spending hundreds of dollars for a custom framer to frame it professionally.

So get your favorite shirts out of your closet and turn your shirt into Shart. Visit

Shart.Com. Framing Shirts into Art.

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Thank you for your support!

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