Insted blue shirt

I love this shirt for reasons other than it looks cool. I met a good friend because of this exact shirt. Back in the late 90s when I started university I was in the student center killing time between classes and I saw a dude I didnt know from local gigs with a curly mop under a knit hat wearing this most crucial Insted shirt. Being the grimey HC dude I am I had to inquire about the shirt and possibly try to get it off him. Ha. I never got the shirt but we became good friends and through him I met a ton of great dudes like Steve STB and Sprite. So on the few rare occasions I see a bright blue version of this shirt I instantly think of my friend. Speaking of that dude, I should probably hit him up and see if he still has that shirt, ha. Still grimey. One more from

Vintage Insted blue shirt tee
Vintage Insted blue shirt tee

Vintage Insted blue shirt tee

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  1. Michiel says:

    One of my all time favorites…mine has a small pocketprint though. Love how the Chet character is inverted because of the use of white ink on a blue shirt. All reprints had the drawing the “right” way.

  2. iiro says:

    Great story, great band, great shirt

  3. xfarsidex says:

    story, yes. don’t know about great.

    and btw…

    ATTENTION: a lot of the shirts are tailored. must be a closet euro.

  4. emil says:

    too bad it’s basically a rag with bleach stains

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