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Hunter Green TP

What is the most mid 90s color? 1) hunter green 2) maroon 3) natural To save you the trouble of clicking the picture, yes this shirt has been disfigured tailored down by igren to a size without telling you exact measurements


GB 1991 Euro longsleeve

Incase for some reason you dont like that red longsleev, maybe this one is more to your liking. As a bonus, as some sort of xmas miracle this one has NOT been cut to pieces tailored by igren. The front design is very reminicent of all the newer shirts that GB has been selling at… Continue reading ».

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Im not too sure of igren`s claim of this being an original Cro-Mags shirt. I mean maybe its an original in the sense of it being sold whenever they started playing gigs again in the early 2000s but with that tag I would say that this shirt isnt too old. Maybe it is though, If… Continue reading ».



I dont have much to say about chokehold as I never really listened to them. I do have fond memories of the only time I ever saw them. It was in New Bedford, MA at some big gig. What was it, the new bedford emo fest? All I know is that it was the first… Continue reading ».


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