Up Front Reunion Tee

Our buddy Jay made this shirt for the on his blog. It’s a good read. Sadly, this shirt looks … not good. I can’t tell if it’s the pictures or the red shirt, black ink combo. Everything looks super washed out. Anyone have a white one? I bet it works better on white. The front… Continue reading ».



Signs Of Hope is Connecticut Hardcore, and my one question is, which one is the party dude? Who knew the sewers of CT were swarming with mutant turtles. It happens I guess .. Make sure to check out “Fuck Work” is … not a very reasonable Run DMC rip off …

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Doomed To Repeat

Fired Up never got their due. This is true. Somehow, in the recent annals of Hardcore History, they have been grossly overlooked. Not sure how. I always enjoyed their gigs and the signing to Youngblood Records seemed promising. And the addition of Steb was huge. But things petered out. Dudes moved away, got into other… Continue reading ».


Wide Awake

OK CT heads, I need your help on this one. I’m 90% certain this is a Lost And Found hood, but someone clue me in. Adam Tanner, I’m looking at you … I’ve seen this one before. I know it’s not super old. As I recall, Owen Rogers used to wear this one all the… Continue reading ».


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