You Can’t Bring Me Down.

Couple more tees from seller eatbiggetbig2010 for this week, both of them from “You Can’t Bring Me Down” tour era. Neither are especially spectacular, but they’re certainly better than ST baseball jerseys or Freedumb era gear…

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You Can’t Bring Me Down.

Seller jrome2yadome. Also, cheaper. *- I know it looks like they’re from the same year, because they both have the same “You Can’t Bring Me Down: Touring” logo on the back, but if you look close you’ll see that the cities are completely different. That tour could have carried over from 90-91, I suppose, but… Continue reading ».

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Smoke Weed And Skate.

Seller randythrashzappa has a couple cool looking tees up for all you potheads and skaters… Yes that is a Mike Muir autograph on the back above the butt print. I assume the front is some sort of sports team rip.

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You Still Won’t.

Another one from randomhero123 that, should you want to make our friend Tre commit seppuku and leave his vast fortune to his dog (he won’t), you should bid on for the purposes of tie dying… Actually, tie dye probably wouldn’t be that weird for an ST tee. Skaters wear some weird stuff sometimes. And may… Continue reading ».

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