Suicidal 13.

Obviously seller r_halford isn’t Rob Halford. But would that he were, because I would love to see Rob belting out Breakin’ The Law while sporting this sick ass Suicidal Tendencies football jersey. Excuse me. This sick ass MESH Suicidal Tendencies football jersey… I love everything about this jersey. The x’s that abbreviate the S.T., the… Continue reading ».

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My Bad!

It was astutely pointed out to me in my original posting of vintage tees from seller vintagepimps that I left out the sleeveless Suicidal Tendencies tee. This was true. I also left out this Millions Of Dead Cops tee as well. My bad!

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BIN 1985 Suicidal Tendencies shirt

This Suicidal shirt from burnseraph really needs no text or stupid banter. Lets just marvel at how dope non bootleg ST vintage shirts are. That back graphic is so fucking hard. The BIN isnt too shabby either even in this condition.

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not 80s Suicidal

One last shirt from Anthony Pappalardo put it on a flyer for an IME show which I then put on my wall and had up all through college. So now that image is ingrained into my subconcious with IME.


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