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We’ll Make The Difference.

I once owned an Insted shirt like the one being auctioned off by possesedtoskate. Thing of it was, it was not actually my tee: it belonged to Btrust, and it somehow ended up in my possession for a long ass time- at least 3 or 4 years. Sadly, since I was never the biggest Insted… Continue reading ».


CW Sweatpants.

I dunno Murphy, I think this pair of size medium Cold World sweatpants from basketofcobraz might be a little too small for you… then again, you’ll probably just wear them to the dump anyways, so who cares if they end up snug in the junk.

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Found In A Dive.

Gotta love where joshdoubleyou says he found this Sick Of It All “The Pain Strikes” tee: wadded up into a ball and used for insulation inside a wall in Brooklyn! Thankfully, he also says he washed any and all remnants of asbestos off. “Doesn’t get more new york than that does it?” Well I mean,… Continue reading ».

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I Can’t Wait To Own This.

Oh who am I kidding. There’s no way in hell this original 3 sided Uniform Choice tee stays as low as it has been through out it’s run. When it comes down to the wire, this one is gonna jump no matter what, which means it’s gonna be out of my price range fast. So… Continue reading ».

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