Tee Planter Program

February 22, 2013 by Jimmy J  · 2 Comments  

WeForest Partnership!
In early 2013 Defunkd teamed up weforest.org for a tree planting initiative! Every t-shirt that’s sold through Defunkd is backed by the planting of one tree. Vintage tees are green symbols as is – scoring points in the Reuse department. So we’re enhancing their green appeal by making the buyers and sellers involved in a Defunkd transaction “Tee Planters.”

The best part is that we’ve honored every Defunkd purchase that’s ever been made. 1096 tees have been sold through Defunkd since the marketplace launched, so we’ve already planted a small forest! (updated 04/07/14)

How can you be a Tee Planter? Simple:

  1. Buy tees on Defunkd.
  2. Sell tees on Defunkd.

We’ll keep you updated with progress via the little tree in the top right hand of your screen.


Jimmy J
Defunkd Founder

  • Colm

    That’s an awesome idea! Another reason to shop at Defunkd.

  • Kirb

    I love this!! So glad I shop here.