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Nike Pegasus 25 Years Later Part II

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Nike Pegasus 25 Years Later Part II

I am really really impressed by the looks of the Pegasus 25 years special edition. As a die hard vintage guy, the little flowers on the heel throw me off a little, but in general these look very very well…simple colorway, the big Swoosh.. almost like the originals

The only reason I still haven’t bought them is because they are recent Nike’s… and probably they look better then they fit.

Although I read some really impressive things about these shoes (being very light, being very comfy, real all round runners shoes) I really don’t feel like spending 110 euros and then have them sit in the box (like what happened with several pairs of Nike Air Max 87, the retro ATC IIs, the retro Structures…)

I just don’t know..convince me…

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