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How Do You Remove Stains From Vintage T-Shirts?


How Do You Remove Stains From Vintage T-Shirts?

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Please step aside, TV-commercial-mom-plagued-by-ring-around-the-collar, you wouldn’t stand a chance against a vintage stain. They’re the toughest around; they’ve had 15+ years to set in and have since been cured numerous times in the dryer. Here’s the kicker: the perpetrator of the stain already attempted to remove it when it was fresh. They failed, and folded. Hey, don’t complain – that’s probably why the t-shirt is now in your possession.

I polled the majority of the sellers from our 20 Best Spots to Buy Vintage T-Shirts asking for their top-secret techniques. As a vendor myself I thought I had heard it all. But I was very impressed with their feedback and you will be too. Some of this information will help you safely restore your vintage tees’ original sheen.

While I’m compiling the Ultimate Vintage T-Shirt Stain Removal Guide, I welcome you to chime-in with your best tips. If your answer is one that I have yet to hear, I’ll include it in the guide, credit you and link to your company (if it’s t-shirt related). The never-ending battle against stains shall be a community effort.

So how do you fight stains? Please discuss below. Name your stain and your solution.

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