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rip DJ AM

I’m super saddened to hear about the passing of DJ AM. What’s with the summer of 09 and musical geniuses?

Over the past year I fully admit to perusing through his Facebook photos for vintage tee inspiration. No doubt he had the most impressive collection of vintage hip hop t-shirts on the planet, so many I had no clue even existed until I saw them on his torso.

He was reported to be in New York wrapping up an MTV show about addiction, recovery and his efforts to help other addicts. The last correspondence I had with him he mentioned he was interested in auctioning some vintage t-shirts for charity and was going to dig through his collection. Reaching out was obviously a regular habit of his. Definitely a down to earth celeb who was totally accommodating when I bombarded him with silly interview questions. Check out our DJ AM interview, that we now cherish even more than ever.

RIP Adam Goldstein, legendary DJ, ambassador of vintage and all around good man.

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