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Still Smells Like Teen Spirit


Still Smells Like Teen Spirit

Not even modern day detergents are capable of getting out that pesky vintage teen spirit smell. Billy Mays and Kurt are probably having a laugh about it right now while enjoying some coke. Ok, now that was really uncalled for – who edits this stuff?

When I first started picking in 2004 I passed over many a Nirvana shirts because they seemed like a dime a dozen. I estimated it would take at least another decade before the shirts really had any value. Ooops. In the past six months three Nirvana tees have made our list of the highest fetching auctions. The top two Sub-Pop shirts above sold for a cool $1000 each. And with this recent surge you can bet the rest of the 1990s alternative scene will be a hot vintage t-shirt ticket in the new decade.

Check out Defunkd’s Selection of true vintage Nirvana t-shirts.

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