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Pause for a Cause


Pause for a Cause

Teecycle is a wonderful internet based used t-shirt vendor that donates a portion of every sale to help restore rivers and trails. In a completely unfair twist-of-fate the home of Tim & Jess Cigelske, their 12-week old baby Clara and Bella the beagle was hit with a flood. Their dwelling and Teecycle headquarters is now unlivable and to make matters worse their insurance company doesn’t feel obligated to help. You can read about the whole sad situation here.

The community is rallying in support of the Teecycle crew with a website that surfaced just days ago called It’s a hub for all the information you need and how you can help. You can purchase tees, donate t-shirts or money or just help spread the word. Amazingly none of TeeCycle’s inventory was effected by the flood water because of a sloping foundation.

Let’s help a brother in (sleeveless) arms out.

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