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Putting The T in Pinterest


Putting The T in Pinterest

Please join us over at Pinterest. Pintawhat? It’s a burgeoning social virtual scrapbook network. Women are the heaviest users because it’s basically crack when you want shopping inspiration. Many ladies are claiming they need a pintervention after only a few hours of use.

But there’s a nifty men’s apparel category and that’s where you’ll find the Defunkd profile. We’re gonna plug in all things vintage t-shirt we dig up while surfing that doesn’t get coverage on our blog.

We’ve created categories from our favorites, all of which you can choose to follow individually. Like IronMaiden, Harley, or broken down into musical genres: rock, punk, heavy metal – you know the score.

Give the page the Facebook thumbs up, or sign-up, follow us and tune in.

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