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Who Is A. Curtis Greeley?


Who Is A. Curtis Greeley?


It’s a damn good question and maybe you can help answer it! Our most recent vintage t-shirt shipment contained some real gems, Harley, Nike, and numerous rock tees. (You can always get a sneak peek at the items coming soon to our shop via our Instagram.) But of all the goodies, this t-shirt really stood out among the piles of poly-cotton.

While sorting I commonly find old tees that baffle the mind and defy explanation. Google searches come up empty and the t-shirt remains a mystery to me. To date, this is one of them.

There are few clues:

  1. Given his hair and dapper suit, the yearbook photo was likely taken in the 50s or 60s. In the 70s kids started wearing whatever they wanted for photo day and none wanted to be in a suit. So let’s assume he was 17 to 19 in this photo – today he could be in his 70s or 80s.
  2. The tee has a Screen Stars Best tag which is typically associated with the 90s, but it has been time-lined to have emerged as early as 1987.
  3. The print isn’t screened, it’s a heat transfer likely done as a shopping mall kiosk. When did that technology emerge?

Can we find Mr. Greeley, or someone related to him and discover the story behind his handsome mug ending up on a t-shirt? Was it Curtis’ bachelor party and his best man-made him wear it?  Did his children, students, or co-workers play a prank on him? If found, would he accept the t-shirt as a gift from us? Maybe he’ll pose for a photo while wearing it.

Furthermore, what does that A. stand for and why is there an initial at the beginning of his name?

Yes, sadly, given the timeline we’re dealing with, this gentleman may not still be with us. But I’m sure one of his children or relatives would be happy to have it.

Weigh in below as to your theory as to why this tee exists. And to the internet sleuths out there…get to work!

A. Curtis Greeley T-Shirt

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