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Metallica Promo Justice Shirt

Post by maiden87 »

I have a metallica brand and justice for all white promo shirt.It can be seen in the one video lars is wearing it has four album covers on the back four faces on the front.Neck has sum wear around it few little stains nothing major.Size is extra large made by metallica brand shirt.Also i have 1981 ozzy osbourne shirt sleeves cut off has randy and ozzy band on front back it has ozzy world tour with knife stuck in back made by the knits size medium has a hole near bottom of front shirt is thin but great collectable.Since has the whole ozzy band on front and copyright 1981 ozzy productions.Next i have a van halen 1984 baseball jersey just like album cover white with eddies guitar on the back has sum spotting on one of the sleeve due to bleach neck has been cut out i wear a under shirt with it you cant really notice it copyright 1984 van halen i would say its a medium.Looking to trade or sell would love to haave a 1987 iron maiden tour shirt out of it with dayton ohio listed in tour dates.5 would trade all 3 for that maiden shirt ill even throw in a judas preist 1984 sleeveless defenders of the faith with chick in chains on back size medium

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Re: Metallica Promo Justice Shirt

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maiden87 -- post photos of the tees you listed including pics of the tags and any copyright dates if you want some help determining their value.

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