Bad Religion 1991.

I must admit, even though part of me assumes this is one of patrick166’s weird flips (I’m too lazy to check, and my copy of A Dance With Dragons came so yknow… I’m phoning it in), I still think it’s pretty awesome. We don’t give Bad Religion nearly enough love on here.

Vintage Bad Religion 1991. tee

Vintage Bad Religion 1991. tee

Vintage Bad Religion 1991. tee

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  1. Chris says:

    Saw them on this tour. Amazing.

  2. Tim Kreep says:

    Saw them on this tour as well. I used to have that shirt and wore the hell out of it. Wish I still had it.

  3. luca says:

    DID NOT see them on this tour. you guys are even older than me.
    I didn`t get to see BR until sometime in the mid 90s. I`ve been looking for that shirt with ronald reagan for a long time, I`ve only seen it once.

    this one is amazing too.

  4. B says:

    -So this is where patrick166’s shirt went off ebay! -:D
    Didn’t see BR this year in Europe but I must say that I’ve got a few shirts like these. A couple of black ones and a couple in white. The other white is without dates and the other has the “June-July” venue design print that is found on most of the regular ATG tour shirts..
    Luckily a friend of mine is sending me next week some new 2011 BR tour shirts that he grabbed on location at Tilburg this week…

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