Bad Religion 1991.

I must admit, even though part of me assumes this is one of patrick166’s weird flips (I’m too lazy to check, and my copy of A Dance With Dragons came so yknow… I’m phoning it in), I still think it’s pretty awesome. We don’t give Bad Religion nearly enough love on here.


Zero Sleeves. Plenty of BIN’s.

So Casali sent me a link last week to a cheap, sleeveless “I saw Murphy’s Law… and lived” BIN being sold by skanknike8yvc. He knows my style well. Sadly, I never saw the link until tonight, because I’ve been so busy this week with artwork and devouring all the books in A Song of Ice… Continue reading ».

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Lets talk about my friend Mike. He hates shirts with print on the back. He likes a nice one sided shirt (as do I. In fact, I love a one sided pocket print shirt … you may see one pop up someday …). You can’t fault him on that. BUT, he also likes two and… Continue reading ».

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Bad Religion

Over the weekend, I had a long conversation with Cushman about his love of one sided, two sided and 3 sided tees. BUT, he hates back print. He only likes front print or sleeve print. Looking at this shirt from janvanderdam, I’m not sure what he would think. However, I do know the lower back… Continue reading ».


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