I dont have much to say about chokehold as I never really listened to them. I do have fond memories of the only time I ever saw them. It was in New Bedford, MA at some big gig. What was it, the new bedford emo fest? All I know is that it was the first time I got a chance to see Ten Yard Fight live and it was great. The rest of the show was a blur or bands getting pelted with food no bombs bagels, people getting their necks broken, my first time seeing lifetime. Probably the only time I ever had fun at a fest.
buyer beware again as these have been defiled tailored by igren

Vintage Chokehold tee
guess someone didnt set the ink all the way
Vintage Chokehold tee
Vintage Chokehold tee

Vintage Chokehold tee

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  1. Jav says:

    I sold these on eBay a couple years ago. Both exact shirts. Things that make you go hmmmm…
    The blue shirt is a very interesting colorway. The blue is brighter than these pics show, and the ink on front is light gray. You know that color combo where when you look down it almost flashes? This does that. The back has lyrics about not smoking in yellow ink. The shirt also came in adh gray with burgundy and black ink.

  2. xfarsidex says:

    chokehold-shirts were always of such bad quality, i have never seen a chokehold-shirt where half of the print hadn’t disappeared after the second wash.

  3. J.s.h. says:

    Stealing 2 garbage bags full of bagels from food not bombs and then throwing them at Texas is the reason and frail was one of my fondest memories as a youth.

  4. Casali says:

    I wish we had a LIKE button.

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