I dont have much to say about chokehold as I never really listened to them. I do have fond memories of the only time I ever saw them. It was in New Bedford, MA at some big gig. What was it, the new bedford emo fest? All I know is that it was the first… Continue reading ».


BIN – chokehold

koko-b-docks has a cheap BIN on this chokehold shirt. Im sure there has to be a few Chokehold fans on there. Snap this up before its gone and youre kicking yourself

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Chokehold Reserves

I don’t like reserves. As a seller, they aren’t worth it. Putting up a reserve is extra money out of your pocket from the get go. Even if the reserve isn’t met, I think you still pay a fee. Not cool. Plus, rather than use a bogus reserve system, why not just list your tshirt… Continue reading ».


Chokehold “Alone Records” shirt

Ebay seller crushedonyou is back again with a Chokehold shirt I have never seen before. Check the description “this was a VERY limited run of Chokehold shirts issued by Alone Records (on the back of the shirt is the Alone records logo) because they were trying to issue the discography. Well, that never happened.” If… Continue reading ».


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