Das Boot

This is not a real Judge shirt but it is a prime example of the kind of boots I can kind of support. As much as people rag and hate on Lost and Found they were a necessity int he 90s pre internet days. I would have never heard some many bands like Urban Waste or Dmize if it wasnt for them. Hell even the Upfront Spirit LP wasnt that easy to come by but you could always order the L&F cd from Very distro. One thing that I do like that L&F did was inseatd of just making boots of old designs they would make their own. They might have been ugly a lot of the time but HUGE props to them for doing what they did. This is one of those boots that matches the cd they also put out. Get yours from igren

Vintage Das Boot tee
Vintage Das Boot tee

Vintage Das Boot tee

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  1. xfarsidex says:

    ATTENTION: a lot of the shirts are tailored. must be a closet euro.

  2. Drew says:

    Really sucks all his awesome shirts have been cut up and tailored to medium.

  3. sacha says:

    Props to L&F???

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